Longarm Machine Quilting Services

Welcome to KimQuilt. I'm located in Bella Vista, NSW, Australia.

If you'd like to have your finished quilt top professionally longarm quilted by an award winning quilter,

contact kim@kimquilt.com or call 02 9836 4351.

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My name is Kim and I have been quilting using a Gammill® longarm quilting machine since 2003. I have 3 Gammill® machines with Statler computerized control. I mainly do edge to edge patterns as custom quilting can be very time consuming. The patterns to choose from are endless with the Statler, you can select from a large number of pre-programmed patterns or if you really need a special pattern we can create new patterns as an additional service as well.

I charge by the area of the quilt top with very reasonable prices. The costs do vary by the difficulty of the quilting job. The lowest costs are for simple edge-to-edge patterns. The most expensive are the more time consuming custom block by block designs. I don't supply batting or backing fabric.

I stock a wide range of threads so I can match your quilt for best results.

There is a minimum charge of $60 for the very smallest of jobs.

Preparing Your Quilt for Machine Quilting

Longarm quilting is done very differently to other quilting methods.  The quilt top, batting and backing are sandwiched by the quilting machine and must be provided as three separate pieces.  There is no need to baste the quilt and in fact basting the quilt will require that it is unbasted before longarm quilting incurring extra time and cost. The size of the backing and batting must be at least 15cm larger on all sides than the quilt top. It is very important that the backing have two parallel sides for proper loading. The backing seams must be pressed to one side. Quilt top and backing must be ironed to ensure the best outcome.

Please note that I do not make quilt tops. I receive many requests from people who desire a quilt creation from scratch, however these jobs are very involved and time consuming and so I can't include this as a service. I specialize in longarm quilting of your creations. I can refer you to a friend who is an amazing quilter, Noeleen in Colyton and may be able to help you make a quilt top or just binding your quilts. This is a link to her web page NoeleenQuilts (https://noeleenquilts.com) 

Get in Touch

If you're interested in having your finished quilt top longarm quilted by me, please email me at kim@kimquilt.com or call 02 9836 4351 and tell me details of your work.  I can give you a quote based on the size and type of quilting you're looking for.  I'm located in Bella Vista, NSW Australia so if you're located in the North West of Sydney, the Hills District, I'm close to you.  I have customers from Norwest, Glenwood, Baulkham Hills, Riverstone, Windsor, Castle Hill, Dural, Galston, Kenthust, West Pennant Hills, Windsor and Richmond, but if you're from Glenhaven, Kellyville, Stanhope, Blacktown, Beaumont Hills, Schofields, Quakers Hill, Lalor Park, Seven Hills,  West Pennant Hills, Northmead etc, then I'm only a few minutes away.

Also, when I find some interesting tools, I'll upload them to the Resources page (click here) for you to enjoy.

Happy Quilting!


This quilt won 2nd prize at the 2011 Royal Easter Show for the 4th of July quilt.

Resources For Quilters

See our resources page for some cool free tools we have made available for quilters. This includes some software for converting Gammill QLI and CSQ files to SVG as well as a thumbnailer for Windows for QLI files. Also some tools to help with sorting your QLI and CSQ files. Not to mention some printable rulers, trangles, protractors and grids.

Everbility Plug

My daughter, Angela is an occupational therapist. She recently founded Everbility with her husband, Mani. I’m so excited for her, she is helping occupational therapists (and other allied professionals) to get their jobs done with more ease and efficiency. 

Basically, Everbility is a “generative AI”-powered documentation assistant that helps occupational therapists save time and improve the quality of their care. 

As well as being a conversational AI, Mani and Angela have been very busy adding lots of new functionality including voice input, a new report editor and improvements in report generation and it’s very affordable.

The feedback from the users is amazing. They talk about improved quality of their work, not to mention also getting reports written more quickly. And, you can even ask Everbility anything and get ideas on how to help clients in unique and resourceful ways.

Go Mani and Angela!

Contact Details:  kim@kimquilt.com or call 02 9836 4351. For our location (click here).