Local Network File Share For Statler CS6 Installs

Kim has 2 Gammill® Statler machines with separate Windows computers. These machines were originally not networked at all which meant sharing files between them with USB sticks and getting files out of sync.

I decided to network these together and provide access through a Raspberry Pi. The Raspberry Pi also has a network file share wich contains the patterns and is backed up in case something goes wrong. The Pi also had a connection to wifi network allowing her to share the files with her laptop. No more USB sticks.

The Statler computers have separate USB ethernet ports so they don't interfere with the controller. Raspberry Pi provides DHCP for the local network but is also accessible on the external WAN but does not route to the public internet (it could).

If you're interested in the script I wrote to set up a Raspberry Pi to run this setup, email me and I will send it to you.