Kim's Braglet

This is my brag page! I've made hundreds of quilts, mostly for myself and it's time I brag about some of them.

10-August-2009 - Delicious To The Core

This was a fun quilt. Making an Apple Core quilt in a couple of days is now possible.

Everyday Best, from the book Quilts with Spin

Pickled Fish

quilts in my foyer

antique 1930s quilt I saved

Tinas New quilt

a couple of blue ribbons

1930s Lucky Hearts

1930s cot quilt

Using my yellow and reds

Gianni turns 50

My first quilt, being re pieced and quilted age 56

My first quilt age 12

Pickled Fish

Pearl on the bed

Elainas Tulips

My new bed quilt in progress

Kays cabin quilt

Pickled Fish

Alices' quilt

1930s tulips in chains cot

Angela's New York Beauty

Blues 1930s cot

4th of July

Spring Tulips

Papillon Picnic

Hawaiian Paradise

Mums embroidered pillow after quilting

quilt on the machine

Elainas' T-Shirt quilt

Aussie Hero quilt

Aussie Hero quilt

I'm Published!

Manis 32nd Birthday quilt

Thankyou Sue, for the lovely panel. Wall hanging done ready for Christmas

Flur de Lis

Ready for Christmas

Pin Wheel Blues for Fred

Sticky Buns e2e

Sticky Buns e2e

pattern from Jordan Fabrics

Gilded b2b